Putting You and Your Employees in Control of Money

Introducing Monipal, the innovative Financial Wellbeing Platform that empowers you with behavioural psychology, smart data analysis, and personalised education.

As your financial friend in your pocket, Monipal offers the unique advantage of being completely impartial, free from any conflicting financial product promotions. In today’s dynamic economic landscape, having a tool like Monipal means you’re always one step ahead.

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Monipal Features

Have you ever imagined having a profile similar to Facebook, but dedicated entirely to your personal finances and financial journey?

Monipal helps you:

  • Build your profile

    Tailor made content for your financial needs

  • Finance News

    Keep up to date with the latest personal news

  • Financial Goals

    Build your targets thanks to our Forecast Spending Planner

  • Coaching

    Learn to through an Academy led by top Financial Coaches

Every Person Has a Unique Money Story – What’s yours?

Your financial journey is distinct and personal. Monipal’s guide, Finley, is here to assist you every step of the way.

Discover Your Financial Health
Take the Financial Literacy Quiz with Finley’s guidance and gain insights into your financial well-being.

Achieve Your Financial Goals
With personalised advice and support from Finley, you can reach the financial milestones you’ve always dreamed of.

Need Inspiration?
If you’re unsure about your goals, Finley can suggest tailored objectives to help you on your path to financial success.

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Are you an HR Manager looking to enhance your firm’s wellbeing offering?

  • 60%

    Of employees say financial matters are their #1 source of stress.

  • 2.2x

    When employees are financially stressed, they’re 2.2x more likely to leave.

  • 4x

    Financial concerns make employees 4x more likely to be clinically depressed.

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HR Tools

Invest in Your Workforce

PwC Financial Wellness survey found 73% said they would be attracted to another employer that cared more about their financial wellbeing

Monipal provides impartial financial wellness accessible to your entire workforce. Improve employee financial health and drive uptake of employee benefits through personalised, timely financial education.

  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
  • Reduced Financial Stress
  • Increased Benefit Uptake
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Led by Luca Caruana, a leading Financial Wellbeing advocate in Malta and Europe

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